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Not certain how you can hire the very best SEO Consultant for your website? Yes, I know that finding an excellent SEO Company can be as hard as finding a wife. A single mistake and you are ready to put your website, time and money at risk. There are a lot of people in the SEO fraternity who follow unethical techniques. It will not be wrong to state that the SEO sector has a lot of people who follow unethical practices.

They still follow the techniques which have been outdated for more than 8 years now It’s no surprise that these idiots still follow methods which can do more harm to the business website than good. They still follow the methods which have been obsolete for more than 12 years now. No doubt these SEO freelancers still follow methods which do not work to make money and deliver no results for their clients.

Google Panda and Your SEO Freelancer

Google launched their big search engine up-date with the title of Google Penguin which was introduced in April 2012. This up-date was initially focused on websites which were manipulating search rankings making use of unnatural backlinks or fraudulent backlink building methods. Google used to penalize websites with inferior quality back links before also. Penalty also existed prior to penguin when Google used to penalize websites for links manually. Back-link spam used to work like a charm for SEO’s earlier and hence they still followed it in the opinion that it may work. If you want to say goodbye to your site then simply you are welcome to use black hat methodologies for link building.

Your website can come out of a penalty if you have all the details about your back links and work which your SEO agency has done. The way to look into the penalty for your web-site is mail messages in the search console. But I am almost 100% sure that you will get any emails for penalty then your SEO firm will hide or remove that. You will have difficulties to determine the reason behind your ranking drops or traffic drop because of this. Coming out of penalty will not be simple even if you think of switching your SEO agency. Full reports are needed to resolve the penalties quickly, however since you will not have reports, you will find things difficult.

Best 3 things to expect from a genuine Digital Marketing Freelancer

On-Site SEO

Focus on Approach and not tactics. Search engine optimization is actually a very long marathon and not a short-term game.

If you need instant business qualified prospects then you should setup a Google AdWords campaign. AdWords will help you generate sales opportunities in no-time by putting your advertisement on page one of Google. Google Pay Per Click provides a big display network that can also be used for branding campaigns. Honest SEO is also called white hat SEO. It is an authentic method to do SEO. search engine optimization is the year 2020 and ahead is all about on-site SEO where features like header tags, meta-tags and content is key. Our suggestion is actually to check if your current search engine optimization organization is actually doing job on these on-site and technological search engine optimization components.

Link Building the Smart Way

3 things to expect from Digital Marketing Freelancer

Ranking on high competition keywords needs additional efforts and back-links. We need to forget about back links creating methods of early 2020 and focus more around the PR and marketing aspect to generate back links for the web site. You actually should definitely question your search engine optimization provider about their building links method. Also obtain a 100 % report every 2 2 or 3 weeks to review the backlinks created by them. High quality of web links is more important in SEO marketing than the amount of back links created by your SEO agency. Locating great sites usually takes a lot of hard work and a good Search engine optimization will always take time to find excellent web sites. It is a time-consuming work like a researcher.

Genuine Reporting

When you work with a capable SEO firm then these people will always share weekly reports for all on-site and off-site work done on the website. All improvements should be noted in the reports about on-site SEO work should be reported in a report by your SEO freelancer. It would be good to have reports in Google docs about on-site modifications. I prefer Google docs because of the real-time monitoring advantage. Without records you will not be able to judge the effectiveness of any SEO campaign. All of the back-links that are created for your site should be in a Google Spreadsheet with login information or information of the webmaster. Link reports are always valuable. Be it at the time you change your SEO firm or believe a backlink to be dangerous.

My Last Suggestion

Most of the well-known SEO expert are very transparent in reporting. If any firm promises first page search engine ranking then that is an alarming sign and you should not work with them blindly. You should consider an SEO firm as your advertising and marketing partner and hence you need to make a very sensible selection.

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